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Big Apple Scarf

Big Apple Scarf

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This multi-season scarf doubles as a wrap vest.  The silk is light enough to calm a summer breeze and the wool is warn enough to keep out winters chill. 

This is a designer Apple themed Scarf. If you put on a belt, you get a vest. The belt is attached as my gift for you. Made using the nuno felting technique. Decorated with natural silk of various textures. Fashionable and beautiful! An original, soft and warm scarf. Very pleasant to the touch, because the finest wool is used.

72" x 30" plus 10" Strands at both ends for 92" overall.

I really hope that this will please the owner.

Care Instructions

Your garment is handmade from a delicate mixture of silk, wool and other fibres that needs special care.

Hand wash in cold water, pat dry with a towel and lay flat to dry on a new towel.

You may also dry clean your garment. Do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not wring out and do not iron.

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