About Elena

Elena Wearing EcoPrint

Her motto as a designer is: comfort, elegance, naturalness and femininity.

Today Elena presents her new couture collection, created using nuno-felting technique. Nuna-felting is a new area in modern fashion.

All outfits are unique and created manually from pure wool, silk and other natural fibers.







I grew up in a big family. I was the oldest child. Therefore, it was my responsibility to take care of my younger brothers and entertain them. We sewed various toys for the theater and showed fairy tales to other children. My mother was a tailor. Often her clients asked me to draw a beautiful dress... but now I understand that they just supported my interest in creating their own image... and I was a child.. and the drawn dress of the princess, of course, remained only on paper.

From the age of 12 I started designing clothes for myself and my dolls. The admiration of others inspired me and the dream of becoming a fashion designer was born. But it so happened that my first education was the pedagogy of preschool education. Because there was no modeling institute in my city. But time passed and the road to the fashion designer opened ... it was a long way. From the very beginning, I studied as a sewing technologist. Then a fashion designer.
My career began with success at the Moscow competition "Russian Silhouette". It was a success for the entire city. At Fashion Week in Moscow, the Italian Carlo Secoli Institute gave me free training. It was the happiest day in my work. No laurels can compare with knowledge and practice. Now I understand that I need. to grow.
And so I opened my fashion house "Moda-Park". A very strong creative team was gathered. Every six months we created our own fashion magazine and staged fashion shows. It was always a celebration for the city. Also, I never forgot the place where I received my education as a fashion designer. At the institute, I taught a lesson in creativity for children with disabilities. This is more than a school.. it is an investment in the knowledge and skills of children.
In my life there was an emigration to Canada. People are the same everywhere. Everyone wants to express themselves through clothes, because clothes can say a lot about a person. Covid 19 restrictions have allowed me to devote more time to my creative plans. But already here, in Calgary, I continue to do fashion shows.
Teaching NunaFelting
Now I have opened a Magic Felting Studio-School for children and adults. These classes work wonders. I KNOW HOW GENTLY AND CORRECTLY IGNITE THE FIRE OF CREATIVITY! IT'S TIME TO SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS. I would really like this school to be noticed by the right people. I am ready to cooperate for its development at the city level. I met my best friends and we formed a strong team. Creative power. There has never been a break in my life. I'M CREATED TO DECORATE THE WORLD!